Atole runs through my veins

What would be of a morning in Mexico without atole? Enjoy an “atole” is one of the most Mexican customs that could exist, it is practically a complete breakfast, a food as pleasant for the body as for the soul. With a thick consistency, this drink is a favorite of early risers, since it gives you the energy to do any kind of heavy work or just wake up.

With pre-Hispanic origin, this product has the Nahuatl word atolli (aguado); although Fray Bernardino de Sahagún explains that it has another meaning: all (water) and toloa (to eat or to swallow), and for that reason, it was considered to him like a species of food-drink. Its main ingredient is corn, in any of its varieties, from yellow to black.

From the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexican territory, the atole evolved, even more, thanks to the cultural exchange between both nations and the existence of a similar product in the European country as they were the porridge, these were elaborated masses of cereals crushed, mainly wheat

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